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14th-Feb-2012 02:11 pm - First Annual Hanami (Sakura Sunday)
Hey all! We started planning a bit early this year for what will be probably the biggest turnout of local Lolita & Japanese fashion enthusiasts at one event. We will be having a picnic at the Horticulture Center in Fairmount Park during Sakura Sunday. We are hoping to make this a big annual event that local guys and gals can easily access. A lot of us made a lot of friends through this huge meet last year so come and see new faces, partake in chitchat and simply hang out :D

Come in Lolita, EGA, street clothes, Takuya Angel, whatever floats your boat :D We look forward to meeting you!

Information from JASGP: http://sakura.japanphilly.org/node/13

When: Sunday, April 15 11am - 4pm
Where: Horticulture Center in Fairmount Park
Admission into Sakura Sunday: $5/person (14 & under are free) *bring cash as I'm not sure whether they accept cards for admission

What to bring: Your own lunch & beverage (or funds to purchase your own from a vendor), a blanket/mat to sit on (the ground will most likely be damp so bring something to protect your clothing!)
*Optional: Goodies/snacks to share; name/contact cards to keep in touch; camera; etc.

Transportation: Shuttle bus from Broad & Samson ($8/round-trip & admission included); Remote parking at South George’s Hill, Avenue of the Republic, and States Drive ($10/car with free shuttle service - admission NOT included)

Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/293929073988860/
*It is NOT required of anyone to RSVP but a rough head count will help anyone who is planning on bringing food to share. You can RSVP either on the FB event OR in a comment below.

**More information such as the weather, will be added as it becomes available.
blythiee yui
26th-Oct-2011 04:54 pm - Holiday Party :D?
Hey all!
We've started discussing a holiday party seriously today so we'd like to share what we've been talking about :D

My friend was generous enough to let us use his cafe as a venue for our party. We need to decide on a date so that I can confirm this with him. The cafe is in Philadelphia very close to the Art Museum (short walk actually ;D). It is a dining venue so we can eat and such.

Suggested activities...
- Potluck late lunch/early dinner
- Group polyanna (for those interested in a gift exchange)
- Holiday card exchange (for those interested)
- Various games
- Item/clothing swap??

We are trying to decide between two dates: December 10 Saturday OR December 11 Sunday. If you are interested in attending, PLEASE VOTE ON YOUR PREFERRED DATE.
Thanks darlings <3<3!!

blythiee yui
26th-Oct-2011 04:35 pm(no subject)
Upcoming meetups...

South Philly Romp: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=101209896658776
Oct. 30 Sunday / Meeting up at 1:30pm @ in front of Philly AIDS Thrift (710 S. 5th Street)
Admission - (bring funds for food & shopping if so inclined)
This meetup is in PHILADELPHIA

Butterfly Meetup (Museum of Natural Sciences)http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=118384398267209
Nov. 12 Saturday / Meeting up at 12pm @ in front of the Museum of Natural Sciences
Admission $12 (+$2 for the butterfly exhibit)
This meetup is in PHILADELPHIA

Maru Global Party + Lee's Gallery Openinghttp://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=118384398267209
Nov. 12 Saturday / Meeting up at 5pm @ in front of Maru Global (255 S. 10th Street)
Admission - (bring funds for food)
This meetup is in PHILADELPHIA

Hope to see you lovelies there!!

Have these digests been useful? I know we've been posting irregularly and I apologize. But I hope these events postings are useful. Please let me know how I can improve if they are lacking. I tried to include relevant info that can be perused at a glance.
blythiee yui
Hey all! I'm having to put in a reservation for the lot of us having tea (Swann Lounge @ The Four Seasons Hotel in Rittenhouse Philadelphia) so if you'd like to join us, please RSVP HERE or in the FB event (<- click for event details!).

RSVP FOR TEAROOM CLOSED. Reservation has been set. Please come out to our city romp before the tea service if you'd like :)

Thank you and hope to see you there ;D
blythiee yui
31st-Aug-2011 09:54 am - New Layout
Hello everyone!
The new layout is up. Nothing fancy--just something basic. I'm still tweaking a few aesthetic things, but everything is functional. With the exception of slight changes, this is the layout.

If it isn't showing up, remember to do the typical: Clear cookies, restart browser, hit refresh, etc.

If you're having any difficulties with it, please let me know here in the comments.
Suggestions for the next layout are welcome as well!
29th-Aug-2011 11:08 pm - Paola's Birthday Picnic

Saturday, October 8
11:00am - 4:00pm
MORE INFOCollapse )
27th-Aug-2011 02:40 pm - Upcoming meetups & events!
Click for meet-ups galore!!Collapse )Hey all, it's been a while. These are some planned events that we have for late August into October! Autumn is a packed month due to this lovely cooling weather :)

Hope this variety of meetup locations can accommodate more people :D:D

blythiee yui
10th-Jun-2011 02:31 pm - NYC Field Trip Aug 6, Saturday

Hey all!

For those interested, Philly Lolitas will be taking a day trip to NYC for a long day of FUN TIMES. We will be hitting LOTS of venues such as the Lolita shop Tokyo Rebel, Kinokuniya Book store, etc. It's going to be a "walking tour" so there will be much trekking through the big apple. There is also a possible meet & greet with NYC Lolitas if it can be arranged.

Here is the Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=190229444359860

Details from the event page...Collapse )

PLEASE check the FB event page for new details concerning meeting locations, how to get there, etc.
blythiee yui
5th-Jun-2011 11:15 am - July meet up?

Voltaire will be performing, and they always have good (if loud) music. Vistorian clothing is all over the place....and this month i saw two really excellent Lolita (one had a giant turning key in her back as well)...

i will be vending, but thought we could do a bit of a meet up.
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