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Philly Lolitas
For followers of elegant lolita style
Philadelphia Cherry Blossom Festival Fashion Show 
26th-Jan-2012 11:24 pm

Hi ladies and gents!

The Philadelphia lolitas are producing a fashion show for the local cherry blossom festival in Philadelphia's Fairmount Park on Sunday, April 15, 2012. The "Sakura Sunday" event is a culmination of a month-long celebration of the local cherry blossoms and Japanese culture. Lolitas have been present at the event in years past, but now we really want to make our participation official!

We're looking for models from the community who could walk in the show and represent a Japanese fashion style. The show is not strictly lolita-- some of the fashions we had in mind were:
Lolita (one each for gothic, sweet(all sweet positions filled, sorry!), classic, punk, waloli), visual kei, EGA, mori girl, fairy kei, takuya angel, gyaru, decora

Each model must provide his/her own clothes, accessories, hair and makeup.

Each model must submit a photo of his/her coordinate to the show coordinator for approval.

Each model must follow the "guidelines" for their substyle-- mostly applying to lolitas, i.e. lolita must wear petticoat to achieve proper shape, bloomers/underthings, loli shoes, etc

Most of the planning will be done via the Philadelphia lolitas' facebook group, so please have access to a facebook with which we can fill you in on plans!

There will be a changing room provided if the model wishes to change out of his/her outfit at the end of the show. However, we will not have one model doing more than one look ( i.e. changing in the middle of the show)

Please keep in mind that models will be walking up/down stairs to access the stage, so be sure you can do that comfortably in your shoes!

If interested, please comment with substyle you want to represent and I will direct you to the show coordinator :) Thanks for your interest!

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fool, soul eater, excalibur
9th-Feb-2012 03:39 am (UTC)
im very interested in participating in the cyber category takuya angel and such ^_^
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