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Philly Lolitas
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Holiday Party :D? 
26th-Oct-2011 04:54 pm
Hey all!
We've started discussing a holiday party seriously today so we'd like to share what we've been talking about :D

My friend was generous enough to let us use his cafe as a venue for our party. We need to decide on a date so that I can confirm this with him. The cafe is in Philadelphia very close to the Art Museum (short walk actually ;D). It is a dining venue so we can eat and such.

Suggested activities...
- Potluck late lunch/early dinner
- Group polyanna (for those interested in a gift exchange)
- Holiday card exchange (for those interested)
- Various games
- Item/clothing swap??

We are trying to decide between two dates: December 10 Saturday OR December 11 Sunday. If you are interested in attending, PLEASE VOTE ON YOUR PREFERRED DATE.
Thanks darlings <3<3!!

blythiee yui
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