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Philly Lolitas

For followers of elegant lolita style

Frilltastic Philly Lolitas
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Lolita Fashion in Philadelphia

Welcome! This is a community for followers of elegant lolita, aristocratic, & kodona fashion who live in the Philadelphia and tri-state area. Here you can see plans for meet ups or other events, and meet fellow lolita fashion addicts.

You may introduce yourself if you wish (it is not required!). Here is an optional questionnaire:
Favorite lolita style:
How long have you been lolita?
Anything else that interests you, that you'd like to share?


1) Respect your fellow members on the site. Please keep maturity intact.
2) Please keep all posts related to lolita/boystyle/aristo.
3) Do not post sales here. Please use egl_comm_sales or another sales community.
4) If you are advertising a new community, please put all text under a cut. If you are posting a picture with it, the picture must not exceed 300x300 pixels. If this is not done, you will be warned. Failure to fix your post will result in deletion.
5) Large photos(above 400x400 pixels), multiple photos, and long entries must be put under an LJ cut.
6) Please plan meetups so they do not clash with other planned meet ups.
7) When posting about meetups, group orders, and the like, keep the amount of posts to a minimum. For example, you might have a feeler post (if you wish), a main post and an update post (update posts are only if you are hosting a group order, if meetup plans have changed, or if a meetup was posted a while ago and you want to remind people of it). You can edit these posts to include updates.
8) Last, HAVE FUN!!

If your request for membership has been denied and you don't know why, please go over these few reasons for why we reject memberships:

*No posts in journal.
*Journal is a sales journal.
*Troll account.
*Unsavory citizen a.k.a. what looks to be a creeper.
It also helps to have evidence of your involvement in the fashion.

Helpful links:
Wiki: Lolita Fashion
Brand List
How to plan lolita events

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Admin: a_dropofcolouryuki_dragon